Century Electric is powering the way to the future through sustainable energy solutions.  We are an electrical, lighting, solar, and energy solutions provider.  We teach customers about ways to save on energy and maintenance costs and then help consumers produce their own energy. | Advanced trading platform


Century Electric Solutions is a registered Illinois Commerce Commission Energy Efficiency Installer.  We are an Energy Efficiency service provider with the ComEd Energy Efficiency Programs along with the People Gas and North Shore Gas Small Business Energy Efficiency Program.

We have a team of industry experts ready to assist with your specific facility type and industry standards to maximize efficiency and save energy! We provide complete facility assessments including lighting, HVAC, compressed air, refrigeration, and building envelope.   Call for your FREE energy assessment and ask about instant discounts for energy efficient LED lamps.

We purchase from only the highest quality manufacturers and stand behind all of the products we offer.

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Century Electric Solutions offers the best in business lighting solutions …


Learn more about the State Renewable Energy Credits and the 30% Federal Tax Credit …

Energy Solutions

We provide complete facility assessments and identify opportunities to save on energy and maintenance costs …

Business Energy Savings

Our world is increasingly recognizing the importance of environmental sustainability and efficiency in building design. While cost containment and productivity gains are universal demands, increasing lighting efficiency requires an understanding of the role lighting plays in the business environment.

Over the years, businesses and communities have benefited from partnering with Century Electric to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs while protecting and enriching the environment. A Century Electric energy efficient upgrade will reduce your utility bill; improve employee morale and productivity; and help protect and preserve the environment.

We help customers reduce energy to maximize their solar energy!


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