Office ceiling with LED lighting for commercial lighting system

5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Commercial Lighting System

Our world is increasingly recognizing the importance of environmental sustainability and efficiency in building design. While cost containment and productivity gains are universal demands, increasing lighting efficiency requires anunderstanding of the role lighting plays in the business environment.

Here are five reasons to upgrade your commercial lighting system to achieve business energy savings:

Reduce Costs

Your business can save thousands of dollars in utility bills every year with the right upgrade to your commercial lighting system. The business case for energy efficiency is proven and measurable.

For example, replacing fluorescent lighting with LED offers up to a 79% energy savings. These savings result in energy efficient buildings with a higher asset value in comparison to buildings without these upgrades.

Energy Rebates

Depending on your location, your business may be eligible for an energy rebate for upgrading to a more efficient lighting system. These incentives lower initial costs and allow the business owner more time to achieve ROI.

Working with an experienced lighting contractor to determine product eligibility, pre-approval and cost caps is critical to understanding the details behind obtaining your rebate. Schedule a free site audit today.

Employee Productivity

Inadequate or improper lighting can cause fatigue, eye strain, and headaches. For workers to achieve a higher level of mental performance and productivity, proper lighting is a must.

Studies show improvements in mood, energy, and alertness can be achieved through better lighting. Organizations that embrace these opportunities are most likely to succeed.

Environmental Impact

The demand for lighting continues to grow across the globe. Your business can have a measurable impact on the conservation and responsible usage of an energy-efficient commercial lighting system.


Upgrading a commercial lighting system is a relatively quick process that can be completed without disruption to regular business operation. In many cases, existing lighting fixtures can be used to install new LED lighting and the process is even easier than expected.

If these five reasons to upgrade your commercial lighting system werent enough to convince you, contact Century Electric Supply today to schedule an on-site Energy Audit. We will provide personalized recommendations and accurate estimations of your potential savings.