Energy Solutions

Complete Facility Energy Assessment

Please fill out an online survey for information and assistance with saving on your energy costs.

Our team of energy solution specialists help our customers achieve their specific industry’s energy efficiency standard.

We provide full turnkey upgrades including solar, lighting, HVAC, compressed air, refrigeration, and building envelope.

Century Electric Solutions is a registered ICC Energy Efficiency Installer.

We are an Energy Efficiency Service Provider in the ComEd Small Business Program and Standard Program.

We offer instant discounts at point of purchase on energy efficient LED lamps, smart thermostats, and LED Emergency & Exit lighting.

All our projects are installed by licensed and insured electricians and HVAC technicians.

Century Electric Solutions is able to provide our customers with assistance in;

  • Project Management
  • Utility Incentive Programs
  • Utility paperwork submission
  • Lighting Design, Surveys, and Layouts
  • Energy Assessments
  • Return on Investment calculations
  • Tailored to your industry specifications and requirements

Save Money and Time

Let us help you lower your utility bills!

We work with commercial and industrial building operators alike save on energy and maintenance costs!

We have energy efficiency solutions for both tenants and landlords!

Whether your interests are reducing or producing energy, we are the experts and will educate our customers about the best solutions.

Sustainability for All

Century Electric Solutions wants to help businesses become more socially responsible by reducing their energy consumption with improved energy efficient solutions. Our energy audit and assessment will provide an evaluation of the existing building equipment and systems.  The proposal will investigate the possible options based on your requirements and specific industry standards in order to design the most energy efficient system.

Facility Energy Savings

Our world is increasingly recognizing the importance of environmental sustainability and efficiency in building design. While cost containment and productivity gains are universal demands, increasing lighting efficiency requires an understanding of the role lighting plays in the business environment.

Over the years, businesses and communities have benefited from partnering with Century Electric to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs while protecting and enriching the environment. A Century Electric energy efficient upgrade will reduce your utility bill; improve employee morale and productivity; and help protect and preserve the environment.

Tenant or Landlord?  We have your energy solution!

We have offerings for both tenant and landlord.  We always work within your budget.  An energy efficiency upgrade is always in the budget.  How?  You have already budgeted for utility and maintenance costs.  If you reduce your actual utility and maintenance cost compared to your higher budget numbers, then you are shifting costs and financial statement line items in the current period while increasing future period cash flows with lower future utility and maintenance costs.  It’s a win-win!

Advanced Lighting and Controls Save More!

Ask about Advance Lighting and Controls along with Building Management Systems all powered through I0T!

Instant Lighting Discounts

The ComEd Energy Efficiency Programs make energy-efficient lamps available to businesses at a reduced price from Century Electric Solutions. The intent is to replace all standard old lighting products with approved higher efficiency LED alternatives. Product incentives are delivered to the commercial, industrial and contractor markets as a reduction in the purchase price of qualifying products at the time of sale.

Smart Thermostat Rebates

Using advanced technology, a smart thermostat conveniently controls and monitors your energy use, optimizes comfort and reduces energy costs in your business. The remote capabilities and intuitive interface make the smart thermostat simple to use, saving energy and money whether you’re on-site or away.

Century Electric Solutions is Contractor PRO for Nest Learning Thermostat along with the entire Nest suite of products (Nest Protect, Nest Cams, and other devices that works with Nest as part of the IOT Internet of Things).

There are incentives provided by ComEd and your natural gas provider to reduce your cost and help you start saving now. Please call us to find out more!


We provide project lamp recycling of fluorescent and HID lamps with a certified receipt.

Labor Coordination

We work with local builders, designers, architects, electrical, HVAC and plumbing contractors to assist our customers with their construction projects.

Utility Energy Efficiency Programs

Utility Energy Efficiency programs provide financial incentives to help businesses achieve your energy efficiency goals. Whether your business is large or small, whether your building is new or old, upgrading to energy-efficient equipment can provide savings that go right to your bottom line. By reducing the initial project cost, the incentive programs accelerate your payback and your approval process. Prescriptive incentives focus on upgrading old and inefficient lightng, HVAC, compressed air, and refrigeration equipment.