Century Electric Solutions offers the best in lighting solutions to complement any business decor or meet your specific industry recommended light levels.

Unparalleled Level of Service and Selection

From the charming and elegant, to the modern and more traditional, our relationships with the most trusted lighting brands in the business provide an unparalleled level of service and selection.

Improve Your Work Environment

Your workplace lighting could be impeding your business growth. In most office buildings, lighting accounts for 39% of annual electricity use. The figures climb higher in specialized settings such as healthcare facilities (43%) and hotels (55%). As energy costs rise, creating an energy-efficient workplace is top priority to every business.

Lighting Design

Our highly trained industry experts are able to provide complete lighting design and layouts with photo-metric reports for your construction project. We also assist electrical contractors with architectural blue print take offs and project quoting.

Proper Lighting

Lighting can make a difference in the interior environment of your home or business. Quality lighting helps us to see better and perform tasks more easily. Lighting also provides safety, security, and a sense of comfort. Lighting and lighting controls also provide us with the ability to adjust and adapt the mood and ambiance of our home and business.

In so many ways, lighting can make a difference. Create radiant spaces in your business with lighting fixtures from Century Electric. No matter your style, Century Electric has you covered. Don’t be afraid to mix and match finishes and textures. Unleash your inner creative genius with a look at the best lighting trends and get inspired!

  1. Select your space: First identify the areas you want to enhance with lighting
  2. Lighting requirements: Zero in on the required lighting functions to achieve sufficient illumination where you need it most
  3. Measure: The area and surfaces you to plan to light
  4. Identify: The number of fixtures you require to achieve proper lighting
  5. Choose a style: Whether you prefer modern or rustic, traditional or eclectic, select designs that will stand out in your space
  6. Find a finish: Think about how the lighting will complement any other finishes or appliances in the space
  7. Get creative and have fun! Consider the style of the room and what kind of design will add the right touch of flair and character.