Office with proper lighting for office space

How Proper Lighting Improves Workplace Productivity

Studies show a clear connection between employee productivity and office lighting. In fact, over two-thirds of employees said they were dissatisfied with the light in their work environment. If the majority of workers are underperforming due to inadequate or improper lighting, this can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in productivity loss over just a few years.

Proper lighting improves workplace productivity by accommodating the sense responsible for eighty-five percent of our perception of the world- vision. Here are some things to think about when upgrading your office lighting.

Office Lighting That Creates A Mood

The true purpose of your lighting in any environment is to set the mood. For example, ambient lighting has a low intensity that is soothing. In the workplace, corrective lighting can reduce eye strain of computer users, and task lighting can highlight the best features of an office.

Our bodies react to light and our actions are influenced by it. People become sleepy in dimly lit environments. They become excited when strobe lights and colorful explosions of lights, such as fireworks, appear in front of them. It creates an emotional reaction that is deeply embedded in our DNA and can be manipulated at will.

Increase Productivity With Proper Lighting

Natural light has a profound effect on mood and productivity, however, it is not always possible for every workspace to take advantage of it.

Smart bulbs can mimic outside light to align with employee’s circadian rhythms. In addition, LED lighting was suggested by the New York Times for the highest productivity. We are just beginning to utilize the latest technologies to create a better lighting experience for every space.

By outfitting the most used and productive spaces such as desks and meeting rooms with the proper amount and type of light, workers find themselves more alert and focused on tasks. Analyze your workspace and determine what areas deserve more attention, it may surprise you at how little light reaches the places you need it most.


It is much more likely for someone to be productive and alert when the environment has been created to promote these emotions. Take the first step to improving the lighting conditions in your workspace. Contact us today to schedule a free office lighting audit today.