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Solar Energy Assessments

We conduct solar energy assessments for  your business and home. Our analysis includes solar design, annual energy production reports, shade analysis, and a detailed financial analysis.   In addition, we will walk you through your ROI and financial analysis to assist in your decision making process. We work with customers to select the equipment and system size that best suits you and your requirements.

Full Turn-key Solar Operation

All our projects are installed by Underwriters Laboratories Certified Solar electrician with only licensed and insured master electricians on your project.  Our company and electricians are all life long Illinois residents.   We’re here for our customers and we’re here for solar in Illinois.

Our process procures all the project requirements such as building permits, engineering reports, ComEd interconnection and net metering, and Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC) processing and paperwork on your behalf.  The SREC will be  paid directly to you by our preferred aggregation company, Carbon Solutions Group.  There is also a federal tax credit, 30% in 2019, 26% in 2020, and 22% in 2021.  The federal tax credit currently expires in 2022.  Refer below to find out more about the SREC and tax credit.

How to get started with solar

We will need your location and require a copy of a recent electric bill or your utility account number to determine your energy usage. ComEd has a net-metering program and it is critical to make sure the solar array system is properly sized.

We then utilize the best in solar software to produce detailed solar design and production reports with proper shade analysis for your home or business.  Our analysis compares your actual usage to your potential system’s output.

Our detailed solar proposal includes system size, product selection, SRECs, and federal tax credit factored to derive your net out of pocket cost after year one.

We recommend only installing on a roof that is ten years old or less.  If your roof is older and you plan on installing a new roof soon, then that is an ideal time to install solar.

Renewable Energy Credit (REC)

RECs are certificates that are created when a renewable energy generating facility produces energy. RECs may be sold to the utility for meeting the State’s Renewable Portfolio Standards.

Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC)

Residential: REC’s are a state incentive, whose value is equal to the solar energy you produce over 15 years times the price set by the Illinois Power Agency for REC’s. For your system, the value is 7.1 cents/kWh produced, which is paid in year one. Please note this is an incentive which is subject to tax.

Commercial: REC’s are a state incentive, whose value is equal to the solar energy you produce over 15 years times the price set by the Illinois Power Agency for REC’s. For commercial customers, this is paid out over 5 years, and the REC value varies based on the size of the solar system. Please note this is an incentive which is subject to tax.

Federal Income Tax Credit (FITC)

Taxpayers can claim a Federal Income Tax Credit (FITC) of 30% for qualified expenditures on a solar system that provides electricity to their residence (owned and lived in by the taxpayer). For more information, see

NABCEP PV Certified

We are NABCEP Photo-voltaic associate certified.

We are a registered Illinois Commerce Commission Energy Efficiency Installer, Distributed Generation Installer, and an approved vendor under the Illinois Power Agency.

Member of the Illinois Solar Energy Association and Midwest Renewable Energy Association.

We will provide solar site assessments, designs, interconnection and net metering with ComEd, permitting, SRECs, and installation.

Solar System Life and Warranties

The solar panels come with 25 year warranties and are virtually maintenance free.  DC power optimizers also come with 25 year product and labor warranties.  Depending on your system design, solar inverters (which convert DC to AC) are typically the only maintenance replacement during the years of energy production.  Solar inverters have a 12.5 year manufacturer warranty or system production warranty, whichever happens first.   Solar inverters  are typically replaced once every 15-18 years.

Solar System Monitoring

The solar inverter manufacturer provides an app you can download to your PC, Mac, tablet, or smart phone and monitor system production on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis.  The app will also be able to pinpoint and inform of any issues with the system.  Our local electricians will come out and troubleshoot your issue.

Solar Array System Ownership

We are your one stop shop for solar array design and installation!  Our proposals are for purchase only and for you to own your system.  Solar ownership is the best and most sound financial decision.  Enjoy the benefits of becoming  your own power generator!

We will first help customers reduce their energy usage, then help customers produce their own energy through solar energy.    We recommend you first maximize energy efficiency to save on your solar project.