Our mission is true energy independence and security for all. We will first help customers reduce their energy usage, then help customers produce their own energy through solar energy.    We recommend you first maximize energy efficiency to save on your solar project.   Call for your solar system quote now!


NABCEP PV Certified

We are NABCEP Photo-voltaic associate certified.  We will provide solar site assessments, designs, interconnection with ComEd, permitting, SRECs, and installation.

Free Energy Assessments

We conduct entire facility energy assessments for business and government agencies. Our analysis includes potential energy and maintenance savings by upgrading to new energy efficient products. In addition, your ROI will be provided in a detailed report to assist with your decision making process. We work with customers to select the equipment that best suits your business and facility requirements.

Energy Consultants

We a registered Illinois Commerce Commission Energy Efficiency Installer.  We provide assistance with utility rebates and grant programs available for energy efficiency upgrades. We are a registered Energy Efficiency Service Provider  with ComEd™  and People’s and North Shore Gas programs.

Solar Site Assessments

We will come to your residence or business and perform a solar site assessment.  We recommend only installing on a roof that is ten years old or less.  We will also require a copy of a recent electric bill to determine your energy usage.  Illinois has a net-metering program and it is critical to make sure the solar array system is properly sized.  The solar panels come with 20-30 year warranties and are virtually maintenance free.  Depending on your system design, solar inverters are typically the only maintenance replacement during the years of energy production.  Solar inverters  are typically replaced once every 15-18 years.

Solar Design and Sales

We will provide your solar array design, quote, and sale!  We will also provide a detailed ROI analysis.